My Commitment to You

I put so much time and love into each of my paintings and drawings, it only makes sense that I would use top quality materials.     My original artwork as well as the fine art prints I sell are always made with archival materials.     My aim is to ensure the art you buy will last and be cherished for a lifetime.

-Diana Ranstrom, Artist

Artist Statement

Some might say that as an engineer, I am an unlikely artist; however, I find there to be a nice balance between the two.  While I have been an engineer for over 20 years, I have only discovered my love of art in recent years.    Since then, my curiosity and desire to absorb every morsel of information I can find about art has taken over.  I have explored various mediums from graphite and charcoal to pastels, colored pencil and acrylic paints.   The engineer in me loves to study a subject and experiment with materials and techniques to figure out how to achieve the right textures and effects.     I am always fascinated to watch the subject come to life on the paper or canvas.