Custom Pet Portraits

....Art like no other

Commemorate the unconditional love of your pet with a personalized drawing, made to your specifications.

I’ll create a custom portrait based on your photo.   The process is easy and fun!  


Here's how it works:

  1. You provide the photo you would like me to use.    The photo should be clear, naturally lit (no flash photography) and high resolution.    It is recommended that you provide multiple photographs of the subject(s) so that I get a more accurate sense of the likeness of your pet.     Photos should be provided electronically.
  2. We will discuss the details of the artwork and decide on the composition together before work begins.       Framing options will be presented and agreed upon at this time as well.
  3. I will provide you a quote based on your specific selections as well as an estimate of the time it will take to complete.    Note:  Timing is dependent on my existing work load and the size of your portrait, but will typically take 4-6 weeks from start to finish.
  4. Payment options are available for your convenience.
    • Pay the full price up front and save 5% off your total
    • A minimum of 30% down payment is required prior to starting the portrait.   The balance is due prior to shipment.
  5. I will periodically send you progress photos giving you the ability to ask for adjustments along the way.     When the work is complete, you may request one last adjustment before finalization.    Please note that some mediums are more difficult to alter in the later stages, therefore input may be solicited more frequently earlier in the portrait creation process.

Top Quality and Care goes into each portrait.    I only use acid free, archival papers and artist grade lightfast materials.    Your drawing won’t yellow or fade over time.

Colored Pencil

Price List

Basic pricing is for a single subject on a white background with a simple black frame.    Frame sizes shown are approximate.   Inquire about custom sizes.    

Add-Ons and Options

Custom portraits let us remove distracting elements from a favorite photograph.    But we can also enhance the image to make it even more special.   Explore the options below for some ideas on what you can do.     Have other ideas?   Just let me know.     Let’s get creative!       

Add Subjects

Have more than one pet?    You can include all your pets in the same drawing, even if they aren’t in the same photo.    I can combine two or more photos to create a work of art that shows them all at their very best.      Note, due to the limited size of the smaller drawings, I cannot add subjects to drawings 6 x 8 inches or smaller.  Each additional subject will be $50.

Add a Simple Background

Add a soft color background to either charcoal or colored pencil drawings.    A simple faded background can not only enhance the drawing, but can also help tie the portrait into your decor.      A background such as the one shown can be added for $10.   A more detailed background may cost more and will be quoted upon request.

Add a Pop of Color

Bring out the unique qualities of your pet by emphasizing what makes him/her special.      A charcoal drawing doesn’t have to just be black and white.   The eyes on this Dalmatian were enhanced with colored pencil to bring out those beautiful blues.        Depending on the amount of color added, the price can vary.    An area as small as the eyes can be done at no extra charge.    Let me know what you have in mind and I will provide a quote.

Supersize your Portrait

Get more bang for your buck, by upsizing your portrait without the upsized price!      By including extra white space around your subject, we can increase the size of the frame and make the composition even more special and substantial.     Upsizing typically adds 10% to the basic price in order to accommodate a larger frame.   The exact price will be quoted once the size is determined.

Added White Space