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Best Collection of Awesome Colored Pencil Drawings

You’ve never seen colored pencil drawings quite like this

CP Treasures

If you are a fan of colored pencil art, you may already be familiar with the Colored Pencil Treasures books.    The series, published every couple years by colored pencil guru Ann Kullberg, showcases some of the best colored pencil drawings and artists out there.      CP Treasures Volume 6 hit the stands in April 2019 and I am proud to have been included among such great talent.

I was pretty pumped when I found out that my drawing “Koi at Bellagio” was selected to be featured in the book.       I waited with great anticipation while the book was being edited and printed.    When it finally arrived, I was floored by the liveliness and vibrancy of the artists’ work inside.    The book, which features 121 gorgeous drawings from artists around the world, is more than just eye candy.     It includes tips and techniques for colored pencil enthusiasts and provides an endless supply of inspiration.      I find myself flipping through it again and again.

Koi at Bellagio

Koi at Bellagio

11 x 14 inch colored pencil on UART 800 grit sanded paper
(c) 2018 Diana Ranstrom Art

About the Art

I was inspired on a trip to Las Vegas a couple years ago when we stopped into the Bellagio and visited the Conservatory.   If you have ever been there, you know that this is a quirky little indoor garden.      I snapped about a million pictures while strolling through and became captivated by this little koi pond.     For the drawing,  I amped up the color in the rocks at the bottom of the pond to give the fish a more lively setting, matching the feel of the garden itself.    


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